Monthly Dinner Oct 12

As discussed during the dinner on 14 September, I booked the back room (10-15 people) at Tire Bouchon for October 12, 19:00. The address is: Schönleinstraße 10. Closest U-Bahn: U8 Schönleinstraße.
Cuisine is Italian / regional-seasonal.

Topics to be discussed AFAIK:

  • Inviting refugees: Intro workshop @Notunterkunft Wilmersdorf // Design Poster
  • Stickers

Is this still on? @xMartin @bastianalbers @ben


Yeah, thanks so much @vicy, for taking care of this! Sorry for not having announced that earlier. Hope all of you can make it.

cc @anaketa @ramin @jessica @staeff @andreas @ellen @rachel @niccokunzmann @mamhoff @Danila @starkcoffee @chiara
Please forward to all Berlin organizers!

@ben how is this poll thing working?

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DC kinda sucks on User Docs – Votes are explained on their blog: .

But as it is such a short time, I’d go for “just like if you can make it”.

also, cc @charlotte and @anouk, who said, they’d like to come, too!

Unfortunately i’m not there tonight :sleepy: But @mamhoff can tell y’all about the Adalbertstr.-library-meeting - they’d like to do a workshop with us on 16th or 23rd of January. Other news & discussion point: co.up offered us storage space for the Notebooks, @ben is in the loop. Maybe you can discuss what a monthly donation from OTS to co.up could be, as that was mentioned by @ben and i fully agree on that that should be done… plus: what about the…stickers?!? :wink:

Agenda Notes from Oct 12th Meeting:


  • Martin M.
  • Viky
  • Ben
  • Chiara
  • Martin S
  • Gio
  • Florian


Everyone love the quality pf AfricaTrip stickers
We will make two different stickers:

  1. The octagonal OTS coneference stickers made as hexagonal and without “Conference” (10.000)
  2. Round Square corner stickers with socials acronym, different for each chapter. We will start with the one for Berlin and then ask others chapter if they like and would like to have as well (1.000)

@anaketa will contact Ola for Conference stickers and realize them
@vicy will print stickers

Refugees Project:

Martin S and Viky have been to regufees camp in Wilmesndorf and get in contact with them to understand if we can help and integrate refugees willing to learn programming in our meetups.
The idea is to integrate them in our usual co-learning or event, instead of create an event just for them, so they don’t feel different.

Viki and Martin agreed on preparing a 1/1.30h meeting to the camp where we present our self, what we do and try to understand the feeling and the mood there.
We would like to understand if they are interested, how many could be interested, what’s the general programming levels, what they expect to learn, …
Martin suggest to prepare something to do for the meeting. Maybe a small exercise in javascript/python…
In order to make this meeting it has been aske to us to prepare a banner where we explain the meeting, so they can hang in the shelter. It will be in english but need to consider space for others 2 languages (they will translate it)

Things to understand from this meeting in order to organize our self for next meetups:

  • How many could come
  • How can we know how many of them will come
  • Do they need laptops? In case yes, we will have to set up the one we have
  • We have to tell them how to get to co.up and what to do in case they don’t find the door.
  • We will use meetup? If yes, should we explain how to use it?

Target: People that speak basic english and have some general computer skills
For presentation we will need a projector (Ask to Gio)

Possible date: 22th October around 8pm
Who is interested to come?
So far: Martin, Viky, Gio, Ben, Chiara

@xMartin/@vicy will get in contact with shelter and define a date
@xMartin/@vicy will take care of create post@vicy cy will print poster (?)

Laptops and other OTS belongings

Ots start to own some stuff which need to be stored in a accessible place to everybody.
The best idea so far is co.up.
What we have?

  • 16 laptops
  • 10 arduino
  • poster and stickers
  • banner

Florian propose also to keep all the stuff in his company. He could provide some space and two set of keys.

We need to rescue Laptops before @bastianalbers will fly to US :smile:

We would need to set up all these laptops.
Proposal: Let’s organize a afternoon or so where we get together and we set all them up.
Ben say we could easl setting up them with Linux+Ots Workshops thanks to IT Labs sticks.

@mamhoff will ask Alex if is possible to have some space, payed!
@mamhoff or @anaketa will contact @bastianalbers to rescue the laptops
@ben will contact IT Labs to recover the Sticks

Library project

You can find all about it and what we agreed on here:

Google Volunteer Competition

We don’t want them as partener
We are good if they just want to donate money, as advertisment
Main question:

Why we need money?

  • Ots space for a year
  • Pay someone to take care organization stuff and PR

We don’t want to apply without a project. Before we want to find something valuable we do and then apply.
Feeling is we don’t have many chances.
Anyway we are interested to have a sponsor.
We would like to send some applications, Viky can help finding a good ones.
Ben already have done some applications for IT Labs and Hackership. I could give the applications and we can prepare a template to reuse.

@ben will share the applications form
@ben will try to find someone willing to apply for Google volunteer competition (Deadline Oct 18th)
@all we should think about this and decided if we want to organize to send some applications

Florian Rust Meetup

Welcome Florian, he is co-organizer of Rust Meetup in Berlin.
He already run these meetups which are totally in line with OTS values and way to coach. He is joining now the OTS family with his Rust Meetup :smile:

@teamTech: Give acces, a couple of important links.
@ben Create a “Welcome” template email with important links about how to start a chapter or meetup to send when there are new organizer on board


Anouk want to keep back or just start the OTS newsletter.
They should be once a month and she would need a contact person from each chapetr.
Martin would like to help Anouk geeting these contacts.
Gio was also starting to creating MailChimp account but she try to contact Gen again to understand if she was still interested.
Florian offer his help and experience in writing newletters to community.

@anaketa will put martin and anouk in the newletter email’s loop where also Gen is part, so whenever she is willing to she can jump in again.
@anaketa create mail chimp account

Chat for user groups

We would offer a tool like irc that you can contact also people from outside the meetup but nicer and more friendly.
The problem with Slack is that too inclusive and not very open.
Also most, important, we have a small max number of memeber: 100 team members.
There was an idea to use Gitter. Is more suitable for big community and there is no max numbers of team mebers. Or if is there is very big.
Only problem: You need a github account to access.
But is also true that everything need an account nowdays or has some negative points.

Discuss if we want to try Gitter.
Frontend co-learning is already use it, we can use as test.

*** End of the meeting ***

Next Meetup:
Nov 9th - 7pm Maxz und Moritz @ben take care of booking
Dec 7th - 7pm

See you there :wink:


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Thanks so much for writing this down!

One correction: The kickoff at Shelter Wilmersdorf is planned to take place this month, not November.

Looking forward to the continuation :wink:

oops! thanks!!

October 22nd is tomorrow… are we going then?

Unfortunately they didn’t get back to Martin yet so, nope todays the event is canceled

Alright :smile:

Thanks for taking care of the project btw!

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