Summer's over; Back to School – Dinner

Dear OTS Berlin Team,

it has been a while since we’ve seen each other. Sat down and discussed what we wanted to do, here in Berlin, over the coming weeks and months. So, @xMartin, @mamhoff, @bastianalbers and myself thought it might be a good idea to do that again. Therefore, we’d like to invite all of you, to join us

for some lovely Indian food, catching up, chats and drinks. No strict agenda or topics, just getting back together to catch up and chat.

Please let us know by Sun, Sept 13th latest whether you can make it through this poll so we reserve enough room for everyone. If you want to bring someone else, please let us know how many people we should account for (through commenting).

  • :slight_smile: – Yes, I’ll join
  • :’( – Can’t make it

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Hope to see you there!

//cc @amelie, @ellen, @starkcoffee, @rachel, @Danila, @MisterRios, @chiara, @anaketa, @anouk, @chaupois, @cntlsn, @nicolai, @charlotte, @haiko, @ramin, @kiyu_mars, @staeff, @Timwi, @stefanwille, @BDiekert, @carlio, @stefanhoth, @bettina, @freenerd, @ezmiller, @fronx, @kriesse, @tobi, @Autarc, @filtercake, @finnpauls, @niccokunzmann, @nobilelucifero, @sabine_geithner, @lorenzo, @NerdBabe, @tamara, @beatrice, @andreas, @cnrk, @qubodup & please feel free to forward it everyone, I might have forgotten

The coming 2 weeks I’ll be on vacation. Have fun though!


Enjoy your (deserved) vacation!

I will happily join, but probably be 15-30 minutes late. Feel free to start without me! :smile:


I have baby duty as Amy is in Amsterdam for a convention, so unfortunately I won’t be able to attend.

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will be there!

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Alright. Table is reserved for 19h30 – who comes late will be late :wink: . See you all then!

Sorry, had my hopes up till the end but can’t make it. Still wish you the best and lots of fun :grinning:

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