Need a location for the next Learners' Meetup

Hey all,

I am looking for a space to host the next Learners’ Meetup on May 3rd. co.up is unfortunately already booked, as per calendar. Can any of you help?

@coachesBerlin @anaketa

The space I work in is large and usually free in the evenings. I’ll ask next week.


Hey @chiara there is also another company where we already have done some meetups which can be up to host you, can you tell me the exact date so i can ask?

In case that doesn’t work out we have this list of possible locations:

May 3rd, 19:30 (we organizers usually arrive at 19-ish) :slight_smile:

@chiara Nope, unfrtunately in Devolute they cannot that day : (

aww pity :slight_frown:

@mamhoff any news from your side?

Yep, we can use bitcrowd’s space in Oranienstr. 6. It’s a large space with a projector, and I’ll be there as space guardian.

We might need to be there a little earlier to set up the space. They’re well-equipped for meetups and have chairs and all.

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Awesome!! Thank you so much!!!

/cc: @nicolai @ellen @starkcoffee