Node.js workshop

Anyone interested in a Node.js workshop? OTS Dortmund had one recently and I got in touch with that runs events and has material similar to how OTS is doing things. I started a thread at their GitHub org so check it out:

Looks like a good chance for a new collaboration and for growing our workshop activities.

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The material was made by niels doorn (who kindly came from the netherlands to dortmund).

We had been very happy with the workshop. The material is located here:

He first held a short presentation for around 45 minutes which you can find here as a node project

after checkout it should be enough to use these commands:
npm install
npm start

Afterwards you can launch the presentation at localhost:8080

After the presentation the people started to work through:


If have any further questions just ask we will happily try to answer them.


I will be super happy to join as learner :slight_smile:

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If there is anyway I can help, with the material or in another way, please let me know.

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Very interested. I’ll have to look at the material to figure out whether I’d be a coach or a learner. :wink:

+1 as a learner

Sounds promising. I like the material and its idea to create a real application with an external API from a brand well known by people. Depending on the interest we could also explain a bit more about HTTP, what happens at the first steps serving static files and introduce a simpler version using streams. If we do a workshop in Berlin, count me in a as a coach :smiley:

Hey, anything moved on this topic?
Is any help needed? Or information we can give to you?

Seems like we have two promising tutorials for node.js now; the one from OTS Dortmund and the one from CodeHub Bristol. I’ve read the former and skimmed the latter and would suggest we start with the one from Niels. That seems a bit more suited to total beginners, since the other one introduces additional tools like grunt and express. It would probably make an excellent follow-up material.
I guess it’s a bit late to find a slot in April. So, I think these would be the next steps:

[x] find time and space candidates
[x] call for coaches
[x] create event on Meetup on $most_coaches_day and invite learners

According to the calendar, the 3rd floor in co-up seems to be available in May on 3., 4., 11., 18., 24., 25., 31.
Any other suggestions for time/space? If not, any volunteers for the remaining steps?

Edit: I’ve sent a call for organizers to the JS coaches list. Maybe that will help moving forward with this.

Edit: It did! Everyone in this thread interested in coaching, please doodle your availability at this fine URL:

Edit: Thanks to our awesome JS coaches taking on some org stuff, we will run the workshop this Sunday. Some of the coaches meet on Tuesday, June 3 at 8pm at Launch/Co. So anyone reading this thinking about being a coach, drop by!

Hi Niels, we are going to do the node.js workshop this Sunday in Berlin. I see that you gave a presentation of 45 minutes before the actual workshop started. How long did you need for the actual workshop?

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Thats is great! The introduction took us about 45 minutes, I find it best to get going hands-on as soon as possible, but depending on the knowledge of the audience it is probably good to tell something about the principles behind Node.js first.

We had about 7 hours of workshop in total, minus a hour break for lunch.

Good luck, and have a nice time sunday!


we do next one on Monday!