First Workshop: Javascript for Beginners?

Hi guys, seems we have found space that could host us, so what about start to organize the first OTS Milano workshop?
Last week of September I will be in Milan, from 22th to… not sure, probably 30th, what about doing Javascript for Beginners workshop?

I would be happy to help co-worganize and/or coaching.

Usually this workshop go all the day long, more or less from 10.30/11.00 to 18.00
@gmz @cntlsn @pietro909

Hello Giorgia,

Great to hear that you will be in Milan!
About the workshop, JS for beginners seems to be a total hit.
Planning for the last week of September, please, count me in as a coach.

Looking forward to start searching for more coaches as well.
@pietro909 @cntlsn

Hi there,
back in town finally :smile:

Of course I’ll be glad to support OTS once again!
My problem is just for the time: if the workshop goes all day long, I need it to be on Saturday or Sunday due to my job.