Open Co-Learning at Coworking Festival 7-8 Oct

Hey everyone!

Co.Up is asking us to celebrate/represent the space as part of the Coworking Festival next weekend.

I proposed an Open Co-Learning, preferably with coaches ready to help with JavaScript for Beginners and Learning Programming with Python but otherwise open to everyone and every tech topic. Best time in my opinion would be Saturday afternoon and there will be a party in the evening. Co.Up 3rd floor is fully available for us so we can invite all our normal co-learners plus prepare for some visitors of the festival that want to check it out (ideally having a few laptops ready).

I will not be in Berlin so looking for organizers :wink:

Things to do (I can help):


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@xMartin: just talked with @mamhoff earlier. We’ll take of this!

Only thing still open is preparation of laptops. What exactly is needed there?

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I think just to be prepared that we can help the people without a laptop …

Talked to Aleks, she’s happy we’re doing this. :slight_smile:

@meat147 may I remind you to create the Meetup event so we can link it from Twitter et al? :slight_smile:

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Can some proof read this ?

Hi, if this festival attracts new people, I would like to see links to
the OTS tutorials for the languages [maybe specific to the coaches’

coworking festival :slight_smile::slight_smile::tulip:
I probably have to leave earlier but I will be there at 3pm to help out.
(max: ruby co-learning)

Great post. Did some minor tweaks, all good!

Will you do us the honour of pressing the “announce” button on the top so everyone gets the email?


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Colearning is going great. There was the question raised whether we should have a more open format like this more regularly (once or twice a month maybe?)… It allowed for some nice cross-overs and things we usually do not cover directly.

@xMartin: we only have three laptops here, is that correct? Well, all three now have Ubuntu on it. Didn’t need them though.

Closing topic.

Nice! So happy this worked out and was such a success! Thanks to everybody involved!

Yay to more cross-overs :wink:

Yes, I’m afraid laptops are still scattered around and people are not super responsive… But I’m happy we now have three ready to use. That was my personal milestone 1 for the laptops :wink:

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