Open learning material: GitHub for the win

As some of you already know, Amélie and I were on stage at the Summit of Newthinking about a month ago. Amélie gave a great talk about what we do at OpenTechSchool on day one and I had a slot to talk about how we use Git, GitHub and GitHub Pages to write and organise our learning material. This was something I had wanted to document for a while, but before actually committing to it for that talk, I had never found the courage to actually do so. However, now that the full video is available online, I’d like to share it with you.

Here is the presentation (to use the slides, click on the first one and then use your arrow keys) and the video recording:

I hope you learn something. :)

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Very cool! I like how I can follow the slides without necessarily listening to your entire talk. Very useful to document it for us and maybe even for other organizers :smile: Thank you.

Bettina — Please note this post is from December 2012. Due to a glitch in the system these were all pushed back into visibility. Sorry about that!