OTS Open Community meetup to discuss...concerns about the future?

Hi Everyone,

at the moment I’m not completely clear on how many americans we currently have in OTS,
but lets face it, this is not just an "american " issue. As some people have noted on social media,
german elections will be coming up soonish and it’s imperative to make all efforts to not let whats
happening in the rest of the world also happen here if it can be helped.

Would it be appropriate in your minds if we have an open community meetup event inviting
anyone up for participating to come and discuss-- concerns about the future as it relates to world politics?

At this point (still), technology is nothing without humans. It feels like it could be an important move to
get outside of our (tech) bubbles for a moment to at least acknowledge that.

I’m asking for approval. I’m open to your thoughts. If I don’t do it via OTS I will do it via School of Machines but either
away I feel it’s important to be done. And soon.

It may be safe to say we’re all confused. And at times like this, coming together as an open and caring community is of the utmost importance imho.

I would really appreciate your feedback.
Thank you.
And on behalf of my fellow sane americans, I am truly truly sorry.

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ok I’ll just organise something myself under the umbrella of school of machines :slight_smile:

Not sure if OTS would be the right platform for this, but I am for sure up for doing something!!! Please keep me in the loop if you move it School of MA and what you are planning :slight_smile: !

Sorry for not answering to this in the appropriate time. I’d be interested at least to make people aware of something going on.

I’m a bit sceptic of technical solutions though, but I think there are things that can be done.

hey peeps, thanks for the replies!

here’s my School of Machines meetup:

The point is not that there is or isn’t technical solutions but technology is the point of connection
and I just want to consider all possibilities with people from this… well, point of connection :slight_smile:

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