OTS at JSUnconf HH

Hi there!
As you may know, this weekend there will be the JSUnconf in Hamburg. Members from @TeamHamburg will be there and we would love to meet you!
If you will be there and want to say hi, please let us know here. We will come up with some kind of meeting point :slight_smile:

PS: Unfortunately we don’t have any OTS stickers yet. If anyone of you could bring some, that would be awesome!


Hey overyone!

We also would like to give a short lightning talk about what we have done with CSSclasses in Hamburg and try to encourage others in Hamburg to host more meetups with OTS. There were also ideas to host an OTS Javascript beginners meetup in Hamburg.

At the end of our talk we would like to give people an email address so they can get in touch easily. Something like hamburg.chapter@opentechschool.org would be great. I noticed, there already is berlin.chapter@opentechschool.org so we could continue with this pattern :slight_smile:

Who is in charge of creating those email addresses? Could someone please create this email address and add @TeamHamburg to it? Any help really appreciated. Thanks in advance!


About the email: @ben @robert ?

Stickers: @wellendonner @chaupois ?

How could I go about picking up OTS stickers? I’m leaving for Hamburg early tomorrow (Friday) morning.

@chaupois Thank you I already found someone to take them. Enjoy sharing :slight_smile:

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