Promo & Merchandise for OTS

Hey there!

We’ve made some posters, stickers etc. for OTS Dortmund.
I can’t upload the .psd / .pdf files, so any suggestions where to put them?

You might like to see a small peak of the posters:
(The one is for promo, the other is for workshops).

I changed the settings - it should allow those extension now. Could you try again?

Thanks @ben!

It’s not working, because the files are too big. We really might need another solution.
Any suggestions?

an OTS dropbox folder!

@ola These look great! Would you happen to have these already laid out as a 4-top on A4 paper?

I’d like to have something to hand out to coaches I recruit for the CSS workshop.

@bettina: Haven’t finished the flyers yet. There’s also much more to come!!! :slight_smile:

@rachel: Would prefere not to use the dropbox. Any other ideas? :slight_smile:

  1. I could simply bump the max-file-size to upload here, too. But I guess for files in development uploading them to a website kinda makes little sense. so
  2. I could instead of dropbox offer to set up a Bittorrent-Sync on this server. It works similar to dropbox from an end-user-perspective: it is a shared folder accross the web, but other than cloud-providers doesn’t it require any centralized server as it syncs peer-to-peer via a secret key. And this server would just a backup version.

@ben: This sounds awesome!
What do you think, how long will it take?

Some of the files are also in our drive folder… If anybody needs them pretty quick.

Hi @ola that’s great that you’re working on OTS promo materials. I’m thinking that for the CSSConf, maybe it’s easiest if I just collect people’s contact info and write them later.

Unless you’re planning on having the flyers done, say, before Thursday? No pressure, not sure if I would really have time to print and cut them in time for the CSSConf.

I’ll have some time tomorrow, but i don’t think we can print them that fast?
But I’ve got some of the A3 posters printed and could drop them by on friday maybe?
(Where is the CSSConf btw?)

Yeah, let’s forget printing them, because it’s too rushed.

I’m not sure if we can post OTS posters at the CSSConf, but it would be nice to see you–the CSSConf is in Mitte at Villa Elizabeth:

I will have to be on a conference call from 11am to noon-ish, but maybe we can meet for lunch, which should start at 13:10.

Or better yet @ola – join me at CSSConf :wink:

i’ve got no ticket, so it might be hard to attend. :wink:

but i’ll drop by later. maybe around 12:00?

Hi @Ola I’ll be in a Skype talk for work from 11am to noon, so I’ll probably be in a corner with headphones on. Come find me! I’m wearing a white dress with black leggings today.

@bettina perfect! see you there :slight_smile:

Hey @ola – didn’t see you :frowning: If you want to try again / have time, my phone is 0163 164 7045

@Ola, @bettina, guys, there is something called “private messages” (just go the profile page of the user and click the “private message” button) for these kind of conversations to not annoy the others with update bubble. Please use that feature for not topic really related conversations…