We need to have cool OTS stickers.

I was thinking of a simple one with just the Type on blue (no preference about shape/aspect).

Plus: Wouldn’t it be great to have square ones in the style of the Twitter avatars?

I can care for free printing in reasonable amount shipped to Berlin.


@Ola had made a great design once for OTS Dortmund …

@ben unfortunately my external crashed… So the files are lost and we need new ones. (260.9 KB)

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Here’s an updated version: (2.7 MB)

I like the simple “OpenTechSchool” ones. Additionally I would like to have designs for the chapters in the style of the Twitter avatars like

I assume EPS would be a good format.

What happened to this? I assume nothing, as nobody has stickers :smiley: Should we try to get some generic OTS stickers printed and have them ready for the OTS Conference? Why did this not progress? Because we need EPS files?

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Got those from @anaketa (792.2 KB) OTS.eps (1.1 MB)

I’m not a fan of the shape. I’d prefer something like that:

Also can someone confirm the font and color is correct with the EPS? @Kriesse

I confirm the font and color since sticker is based on the official logo on the /press section of our website :slight_smile:

So, what’s blocking this? @xMartin?

I’m not a fan of the design. Opinions?

Well, it is the logo we have published on all our social media outlets, so it has this going for it. (The square one that is.)

Hi everybody,
yesterday me and Ola had a long chat about stickers.
During the last Belrin Organizer meetup we agreed on pritning general OTS stickers and chapters one with socials acronym.
We want to take the OTS Conf stickers and re-use it.
But then Ola explain that is not really possible since the design of the log was done by a professonal designer which own the rights on it.

Therefore we arrive to these conclusions:

  • We are going to re-create a ots logo and stickers for general OTS similar to the one of the conference.
  • This will be Hexagonal, with logo and logotypo. We cannot keep the keyboards.
  • The each chapters or projects could change a particular and make the OTS logo their logo.
    So far we are thinking on different icons for different chpaters or maybe different typography…
  • In case of different icons, we will provide a set of icons from which chapters without designers on board or just time to think about their own, could pick one and use it.
  • OTS Berlin will still create social chapter stickers (square, round corner with social sign on it: BLN_OTS). If others like it, we can make for them too or just share the deisgn.
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Let’s make this trend alive again! :smile:
I have two design proposal for you,
please have a CAREFUL look, think till 10 and then let me know :smiley:

These are the guideline that me and @Ola took in consideration in order to design them:

  • Use hexagonal shape
  • Use a common logo for all OTS
  • Use different logo for each chapter + name of the chapter (we tried without but isn’t very clear!)
  • Try to be as clean as possible
  • Communicate we are e-learning organization

Here you find two proposal both with “Global OTS” logo and “Chpater” / “particular project” logo.

Please take in cosideration these guideline when evaluating the design :smile:

Looking forward to hear your feedbacks :smiley: :smiley:

just to get some attention :slight_smile:
@Ola, @xMartin, @mamhoff, @ben, @bastianalbers, …

Nice designs! I think the text might be a little tiny when we do smaller versions of this; is there any way to stretch it over multiple lines to make it larger?

What’s the reason for the snowflake?

I’d disagree with this guideline — OpenTechSchool is distinctly not another e-learning platform (think: Coursera et al) but our unique feature is hands-on workshops. I don’t have a good representation for this (other then a group of people or something) but if we’re arguing about an official logo now, I think we should put in some extra thought. (That’s why I liked the text-only versions: non-controversial.)

Very cool! Like them a lot! Great work!

What happened to the three keyboards idea as seen at OTSconf? I liked that, sharing of keyboards and stuff …

Aside from that, I assume the snowflake is meant as “the winter edition” or something?

Big :thumbsup: - @ben the three keyboards can’t be used because of copyright issues. I like the speech bubbles one!

How about we put the words Open Tech School aligned to every second outer border of the hexagon and the logo in the center?

That’s just a shame, after it has traveled so far already

Can’t we do something similar that is close enough without the copyright problems? Other keyboards, other number, other arrangements? I did really like it – keyboards (representing computers + programming), many together (representing the doing-it-together-not-alone-idea). It was a great logo!

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mhm last time i talked with Ola, look like we really don’t want/can’t copy that logo idea so much. But maybe we can ask her better. @Ola ?

Snowflake was just an idea for Berlin since is very winter city :slight_smile:
But is just a placeholder to show what is the main idea. Logo + text. And different logo in each situation or chapter.
The idea is to provide a set of icons for everybody and then each chapter/project can choose what they want to use.
The only one we should choose altogether is the global OTS one.