Re-launching Website: Preparing for 10th Dec event

Yesterday we had a great day where we develop the foundation of the new version of OTS website.
We set up new Jekyll, new style foundation and the information architecture.
Unfortunately we didn’t make in time to create tasks, fundamentals to go on working on the website on the next event of the 10th December.

The new website can be found here:

And here the event:

Before the 10th of Dec we need to CREATING ISSUES ON GITHUB.
let’s try to follow these guideline:

  • Describe the goal to archive.
  • Write helpful specification where needed
  • Add everything can make easier to archive task: picture, sketches, links…
  • Add languages tags. Possible Tags are: JS, HTML/Template, STYLE, JEKYLL, CONTENT, DESIGN, […?]
  • Add “beginner-friendly” tag
  • Add “starter-issues” tag

Would be great to write a little wiki on:

  • how to install website on your machine
  • How to contribute
  • How to work with github
  • Developer code of conduct
    [i guess we can do some of them during the event too]

Also remote contribution are very welcome!

We need support with design.

We need to have at least some ideas before Saturday 10th about

  • HomePage design/content,
  • Footer,
  • Chapter page design/content

Who ever can help with this, please join the discussion (more update) on gitter, channel:
Or can also write here if is easier :slight_smile:

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