Ruby Co-Learning Resources

This is list of learning resources for Ruby and Rails. Feel free to add your favorite tutorials, guides, and courses.


The Rails Tutorial by M. Hartl (very extensive, also covers tests and git)

The Ruby Koans (very succinct)

Interactive tutorials at the Ruby Monk

Code challenges and katas at codewars

Code Academy track for Ruby.

Books on Ruby programmng

Launch School Ruby Tutorial Extensive, free

I would add RubyWarrior, a game where you solve missions by coding.

I accumulate Material here.

Also already recommended a few times:
“Learn to Program”, Chris Pine

Hello! I share with you the presentation from last Monday, for any question feel free to contact me.
On these days I’m going to write the links and some extra links here, will find some of then on the last slide of the Presentation too.


Useful Links:
($ = not free)

Curriculum(not only ruby and rails, more complete formation):
Very good fonts, links and information, very good structure!

Similar to Odin Project (= Few days trial period).

Article about:

Tutorials & exercises

Video tutorials:
Very good explanations, ruby basics and rails 4.0 ($= Few days trial)

Some free courses ($= sometimes they offer trial periods and discounts)

More typing style:
Learn Ruby from exercises and step by step.

Ruby User’s Guide:
A good guide for Ruby.

Ruby documentation in your console:
*If you use rvm it will generate the ruby version that you are using,typing in the console:
‘rvm docs generate’
The same but in your browser.

Ruby on Rails guides:

Ruby User group, meetings every first Thursday of the month.

Beginning Ruby From Novice to Professional, Edition By Peter Cooper

Medium-advanced books:
Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series)

Programming Ruby 1.9 & 2.0 (4th edition): The Pragmatic Programmers’ Guide by Dave Thomas, with Chad Fowler and Andy Hunt

Extra links:

Interesting video about ruby vs other languages(Nov 2012):

Infographic against the learning Pyramid(Pyramid of Dale) and about effective learning:

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Sorry I forgot some important links:

Article about, the curriculum, read this please!

Good free introductory resources with good ruby exercises and extra material!

The Ruby first steps slides in slideshare and in .pptx format to download(links working).

Hi there,

one of my Ruby coaches Sven wrote this tutorial based on his experience coaching 4+ newbie project groups :

And he got me this far…so that’s saying something. Not sure what; draw your own conclusions.

If you’re a Ruby coach, Sven accepts pull requests on his tutorial.

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