Social Coding Goes Global

Part of the Social Coding workshop participants

Social Coding with Git has been a popular workshop in Berlin and Sweden. Authored by Steven Farlie, the original workshop introduced participants to git and then encouraged them to take to github and contribute to the “Berlin Underground” network of fine bars, cafes and restaurants.

Yesterday OTS Melbourne took the Berlin Underground global with an updated workshop that applies to any city, anywhere in the world!

Participants solving a problem together

The list of commits growing on the projector

Big thanks to our generous hosts at Electron Workshop for the space, co-organisers Steven & Matt for the delicious cookies, and coaches Danni & Alec.

Puzzling out a git problem

Check out the accumulated contributions to the Melbourne Underground repository.

More workshop participants

Keen to come to the next Melbourne workshop? Join our Meetup group to see our workshop announcements, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

More workshop participants

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