[MEL] November workshop - Social Coding with Git?

October workshop fell by the wayside, seems everyone was pretty busy!

I’d still be interested in running Social Coding with Git in November if we have enough people available to coach.

Anyone available either 8th or 15th of November? Preferences?


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I’m available on the 8th. I may be able to make the 15th, but I may be late.

8th is a bit too soon for me, I’ll be out of town.

15th is do-able!

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Thanks Steven, Matt.

I decided 15th sounded OK but I left my run a bit late and I haven’t heard back from Electron Workshop yet, which makes it pretty short notice.

How is everyone placed for the 30th instead, if the workshop is available?


I can make the 30th! You realise that’s a Sunday, though, right? And the Saturday is voting day?

Thans Matt. Yes, that was an arithmetic & calendar reading failure on my part.

That said, no reason we can’t try a Sunday for once. Who else is available for the 30th (or failing that the 29th)?

Scratch that, 29/30 is booked at EW. :frowning: Unless someone can hook us up with another venue that weekend?

December & January are pretty much right out for me. However I will support anyone who wants to run a workshop during these months, any way that I can.

No worries. I don’t think it’s a huge issue as many people are too busy over the summer.