[MEL] October workshop - Social Coding with Git?

Time to talk about an October workshop!

Social Coding with Git seems like a natural follow-on from Github from Scratch. Quite a few people were interested in exploring the Git command line client after working through the workshop on Saturday.

Who is available to coach on either the 11th or the 25th of October? (18th is day after EW Privacy Workshop, and I know some folks will be at that.)

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Hi Angus,

Turns out my October is pretty full-on. I’m more likely to be available on the 11th, but both dates are already booked out for me: 11th is http://www.2014.thatcampmelbourne.org/, and 25th is http://www.healthhack.com.au/. I’m less likely to attend the former, but at this stage intend on going to both. Further, I’ve got a scout camp on the 18th, so it looks like I’m likely sitting this one out. Sorry!

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Hi are Social Coding with Git event already running?

Hi Indah,

As far as I know we’ve not found a suitable date to run this when there is both a venue and mentors available. I wouldn’t be surprised if we can’t get around to this until early next year given this time of year will be fairly busy for some of us.

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Hi Matt fair enough… this is a busy months of the year cmas and ny coming… i will be waiting… in a meantime im doing the tutorial on my own first