SQL workshop re-run

Yes, I will bring the co-up key.

New coach named Moritz can also coach, and I invited him to join the discourse thread.

so… here I am! :smile:

I realized that I forgot to ask the coaches to come an hour earlier to get set up and go over the Coaches guidelines…and then I realized I don’t have all the coaches’ emails!

@haiko @ellen @ulrike @zormit are all on Discourse, but what about
@inka and @matthias ?

Also, I will send out a reminder email to the learners and the coaches a few days before the event, so @ellen do you want to email me their email addresses?

Enjoy your long weekends!

Hello! I can also help out as a coach. Haiko knows me from Hackership.

Hi @stefanwille – very cool! Have you coached before? If you haven’t, please take a look at our coaching guidelines: http://opentechschool.github.io/slides/presentations/coaching/

@bastianalbers can also coach so now we have 8 coaches, so it will be a really good coach / learner ratio :heart_eyes:

Hi Bettina, thanks for the material. Yes, I have coached for OTS, Hackership and RailsGirls.

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Hey @bettina,

Can we accept more people from the wait list? I can send you Inka and Matthias’ e-mails. Do we really need an hour for coaching guidelines? Most of us have already coached the same workshop before…,

Hi @ellen

Good point! I’ll see what our capacity limit is for the workshop before I accept more people from the waitlist. I’ll be in touch on Discourse once Aleks lets me know.

You’re right, if the coaches have already coached with OTS, there’s no need to go over the coaching guidelines. That’s why I wanted to contact all the coaches via email and ask if I should organize a coaches’ training, since I wasn’t sure who’s coached for OTS before or not :slight_smile:

So Aleks said that we’re on the 3rd floor with a max capacity of 40. So now I accepted 38 learners so that we a 20% no-show rate, we get 31 learners + 8 coaches = 39 people.

So @stefanwille @bastianalbers @haiko @ellen @ulrike @zormit – As coaches, are you comfortable with the coaching guidelines?

Even if you’ve coached before, I want to be explicit that you feel prepared to coach hands-on learning. If you want to role play or trade tips with other coaches on how to explain a specific topic or need other coaching training, I want to make sure that you get what you need.

I will email Inka and Matthias separately to ask them the same.

Looking forward to it!

By now I am familiar and fine with the guidelines, but not yet the Tutorial itself (i.e. I don’t know the structure & what exactly happens by heart…). I will prepare that close to the workshop. Looking forward to it!

I just went over the coaching guidelines again, all fine :smiley:

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Hi @stefanwille @bastianalbers @haiko @ellen @ulrike @zormit,

Any of you want to do the intro speech on Saturday?

I was going to prepare a learners’ guidelines but am only meeting Duana Saturday morning to go over my rough draft, so I don’t think it’ll be ready yet.

I will send out a reminder email to the learners tonight via Meetup.

So looking forward to seeing you all at co.up 3rd floor on Saturday at 12:30!

Hi @bettina, I would be happy to do the intro speech :smile:

At what time are we going to meet tomorrow? 12:00?

Another question regarding http://opentechschool.github.io/sql-tutorial/chapter4.html, question 30:

One possible way to to this is to represent tables by a list of their columns and to draw a line for every primary key-foreign key relationship. Ask a coach for details.

What kind of details are we supposed to give? Any guidelines on that? Why not simply include a sample diagram in the material? (keyboards in general are made of lava for me at the moment, I should not touch them)

Half an hour before the event is usually enough - i don’t think we need to change much in the room setup. BTW the co.up calendar says 3rd floor, which is actually better suited i’d say…

And Ellen has keys, right? Martin has the co.learning set and i could get them but would prefer if i don’t have to.