We got stickers

It’s 5400 pieces. We have them in Berlin in the locker at Co.Up right now and will keep some around on the counter on the 5th floor.

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Send a message here on Discourse to @FoundationBoard with a postal address and how many you want to have some sent your way!

@TeamDortmund @TeamBerlin @TeamLondon @TeamHamburg @TeamBrussels @kdurrani @gicela @TeamZurich


@Foundation, yeah well done!

we can for sure use a few of them in zurich and distribute them during the workshops and co-learning groups.

maybe robert can bring a few of them to zurich or you can send them to my private address:

i guess that about 100 of them might be a sensible quantity…

just one hint if you redo them: i would add the opentechschool.org url somewhere… as some sort of call for action…

ah, and i did not find out how i can add myself to the zurich team…

Hi, please send some to Bristol as well :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Have been wanting to post about some other things to, hope I will get to that soon.


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I got the stickers!

We will spread them all over Zurich : - )


Feel bad for writing only now - I also got the stickers. :slight_smile: Thank you! @xMartin

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