OTS Berlin Winter Party

Winter is here. Lets be cheery. How about an OpenTechSchool Drinks/gathering/party?? :smile:

The questions would be…

Is there interest? (like this if so…)
where? (co.up ./ a nice Bar somewhere?.. http://www.neueheimat.com/ has a lot of space, semi indoor, and a Christmas market on. )

annnnd…copying a few people to get the ball rolling…

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Is there interest? You can’t miss the season and having some Glühwein, IMHO. So: YES :o)
when? Next week? I’d suggest an evening during the week because it gets crowed on weekends.
where? Since a “Winter Party” has to be f…ing cold visiting e.g. the Christmas market at Schloß Charlottenburg might be a good idea!

Hey @charlotte! Nice we had same idea more or less same time :smiley: We were discussing this internally some days ago and since we are planning to organize the organizer meetup, we thought is maybe smart to make them the same day.
The ideal is to do one evening in the week between 8.12 and 19.12.

We were thinking about some bars (I say I probably can ask to a very nice bar of a friend of mine, or we have our beloved Lugosi or Trödler Cafe Bar ) or we can even do something more… berliner and go for a hipster bar with dance floor :smile:
I wouldn’t do anything outside otherwise our drinks will least 10mins and I would do in a smaller place maybe just for us so we don’t lose each others.
Co-up we did couple of time a small party, it is bit… cold atmosphere, too formal. Let’s say that is great co-working space eheh

Anyway we need to have glühwine and christmas cookies for sure! :wink:


If I remember correctly we just delegated this to @charlotte while “discussing this internally.” :wink: (At least, I sent her reminders from the last meeting minutes.)

I think at last year’s Christmas party we had this fun Wii egg run whatever game and a movie. I think having a longer (time-wise) OTS drinks in a dedicated space with some glühwein would already be great. I’d vote for more of a talking and less of a dancing party because for the last times this was always a great opportunity to catch up with everyone outside of an Organizers Meeting.

haha, yes I did get some minutes reminders, But if @anaketa is already on it, that is awesome!
Ok so sounds simple:

Set date for organisers meeting
Reserve a decent size bar space afterwards for drinks

@anaketa: could your friends bar be big enough and reservable? where is it?
if you let me know if there is anything you want me to do or help with, I can. :smile:

Once we have a date and a place, we could also add some fun things to get a wider sense of the OTS community, Ideas I had>

  • each OTS initiative, if they want, can speak for 2 minutes to share some info/reflections/funny comments/whatever about their group over the last year (so the different groups get an idea of what has gone on)

  • secret santa…everyone who wants to play, gets emailed a name and an adjective in advance and gets that person a present under 5 eur, connected somehow to the adjective.

  • send each OTS chapter three questions/reflections on the year…and showcase the answers somehow…

oh no no i’m not already on it, i just want to say that we also thought about that and did some small brainstorming and that i have possible contact for bars.

@Robert “discuss this internally” i mean in Berlin Team email, not at the last orga meetup which I wasn’t there.

anyway yes let’s make it all together.
yesterday I actually checked that bar for another event and I think it fit great because it has two room, one with bar and little dj corner (no dance floor, just some professional music) and then another comfortable room with sofa, perfect for talking, so we can also do some updates announcement.
Also the owner seems quite open and friendly so we can maybe find a deal if we want to bring some cookies or we need to reserve some spot

The only small issue: The bar is in Sonnenalle 67, which is not the most comfortable place to reach with public transport. I mean, there are many bus going there and there is Sonnenalle sbahn and Rathaus Neuköll ubhan close, but not so close for this Winter :smiley:

The other idea was Loophole (you probably know it) which during the week we can easily reserve just for us (still have to ask but I think so). It has one nice room for chatting but the other is more a small dance floor.
We can of’course decided/ask just to not put music there and move some sofas and make it more chatting room…
The good thing is that Loophole is really close to ubhan Rathaus Neuköll.

Both of them aren’t available on weekends but it shouldn’t be an issue for us :slight_smile:

Let me know how all of this sounds to you

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I don’t know Loophole, so I cant copare the two, But I do know Freudenreich at Sonnenallee 67 and that would be a really good option, siza and layout wise. Its not soo bad to get to. …so whichever works date wise I guess?! :slight_smile:

Yes! If you think that Freudenreich isn’t so bad to reach, I also think is very good fit for us and probably better then loophole even we have to stick to some rules :stuck_out_tongue:

So far seems that 17th is the more popular date for the meeting, could be good also for Drinks?
Anyway still need to confirmed

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Cool, let’s do the 17th. We’ll merge the OTS Berlin Organizers and the Web Frontend Co-Learners around 9 or so I would say.

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Heya, if I can have an opinion on this while not really contributing, I just checked Freudenreich on the map and it seems to be quite “in the middle of nowhere”, from a perspective of public transport. It is probably a cool spot, but really hard to reach. I would much prefer something more central and if we want to invite our learners from co-up and other folks, then I think it is too inconveniently located.



  1. Is still a very good fit for what we want
  2. Please propose something else so we can decided. Remember we are close to Christmas, so we are not the only group willing to do a x-mas party :wink:

Is anything wrong with Loophole?

not at all. But why do you think is easier to bring people there? I mean i understand for the ubhan but is still not u8 and not so close to co-up if our concern is to bring learners from frontend group

So guys, in a week we are suppose to have the party, should we maybe decided a place?


hello! I say better to have something that isnt perfect, than nothing at all…if you can ask ur friends about either of these, would be cool. maybe one, both or none are free by now,

co.up is doing something on the 17th…does it make sense to combine? https://www.facebook.com/events/417675691723161/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

let’s ask aleks. Maybe is also nice that we support co-up

Aleks say we are welcome. People should bring/contribute with drinks/snacks
The party there start at 19.00 at 5th floor.
@xMartin I guess we need to move the Frontend co-learning and what about orga. meetup?

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Ok frontend will be moved to 3th floor. Then whenever they want they can join they party.
Orga. meetup will also moved to 3th floor - meeting room.

So OTS party at co-up from 19.00 so on. @charlotte do you have time to write a meetup/fb post about it? I really don’t :frowning:

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Thanks Gio and Charlotte!! :smile: I am not the greatest writer, but if nobody else gets around it earlier, I could create a meetup event and a tweet today evening.