Switching technologies for Community Call

@robert @ben Hello,

Understanding that Community Calls so far have been hosted on Hangout, what about considering to switch to Firefox Hello https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/hello/ in the future? Multi browser support, no account, sign-in or plug-in required.

Also, for keeping track and edit the agenda and meeting minutes, is there anything better (read, no account required) that Google Docs?


Re account required: Everyone concerned easily gets an opentechschool.org account, so I’m not sure that’s really an issue.

Re Firefox Hello: I’m generally -0 because of the switching costs (and because you can only initate a conversation with Firefox.) There’s no plugin required in Chrome, either.

Re Google Docs: A strong -1 here. Docs is a pretty good product IMO, has served us very well in the past, and is widely used among OTS. Because the document is world-readable, users without a sign-in can only comment on it — these show up normally in the document, though, and should be OK to propose agenda items. All others have default write permissions by their membership in opentechschool.org.
I have also added a note to the Community Call doc to that effect.