Hosting a Community Call

Hosting a Community Call is easy:

  • Create a Google+ event.
    • Title: Community Call #YY.MM
    • Website URL: the Discourse thread.
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Hangouts (Event is online-only)
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Guests can invite other people
    • It is best to choose the common theme (yellow/red/gray sparks), you can find it under Other.
    • Make it a Public event.
    • Note: To do this under the +OpenTechSchool page, you will need moderator rights. Ask @ben to grant them to you. Then go to Google My Business.
  • Create a Discourse thread. (See example.)
    • Mention the exact date and time.
    • Link the Google+ event and the agenda.
    • Post instructions how to join the video call.
    • Mention which items are already on the agenda.
  • Prepare the agenda.
  • It should have a new section for this edition.
  • Every other month we should do a quick check-in from all chapters.
  • Don’t forget to refresh the Table of Contents.
  • Check the past edition for any carry-overs or relevant follow-ups.

That’s it! :blush: You can now joyfully meet.