There will be any workshop/training about the Ruby?

I’ll be there as a coach, so I can definitely do a quick lightning talk on this.

So, @inthuytion, @kiyu_mars, @netznarkose and I met before the Ruby User group and have decided the following:

  • we can’t start before 2015 (sadly, there’s only two weeks left before
    the year ends)
  • we meet on mondays, 19:30 at Fairmondo, Glogauer Str. 21, from the 5th of January onwards
  • we meet every week from then on (i’m looking at you, everyone involved)
  • in order to set the stage for learning, we try to have a short intro talk to something (like “how inheritance works with controllers”, or “associations in activerecord”, or “comparing different templating languages” - something that can be told in ~10-15 minutes.
  • we’ll have another in-person organizer’s meeting in december, possibly just before the OTS Winter Party.

We also announced this at Rug::B and got immediately tweeted.

There is a bit of worry on the side of RailsGirls study groups, as we’re colliding on the monday evening slot with the RubyMonsters. However, we’d have that collision with one of the many groups every single day of the week, and I think we actually do have slightly different audiences: We don’t require commitment to a group (come if you want!) and don’t organise projects for groups to work on (“self-directed” and all, yaar).

If we feel people need/want something that offers them a project to work on, I think we should actively lobby for them to join a RailsGirls study group. I also learned today that RailsGirls study groups are open for male learners, too ;).

@inthuytion, @kiyu_mars, @netznarkose: did I forget anything?

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a) Isn’t it Glogauer Str. 21? :wink:
b) Based on the idea of “just jump into the co-learning space” I think it is a good supplement to the rather “organized” Rails Girls project groups, so in the end to me the co-learning group is a good supplement to it.

Here are the additions from my notes (please correct me, if i am wrong):

  • Fairmondo has basically 1 conference room for around 15 people, but if needed 1 other conference room plus the foyer for at maximum 50 people altogether

  • every 7 days people can just come to start co-learning right away (after a short introduction), every 14 days there will be some talks (or on demand)

  • Anyone who is interested to join the organizer team these are the following to do’s:

    a) come to the organizers’ team meetings
    b) announce the meetups
    c) organize, coordinate or moderate the talks (e.g. technique, slide presentations, etc.)
    d) be present at the meetups
    e) open/close the venue
    f) organize clean up after meetup is over @Fairmondo

Did I forget something? @mamhoff @kiyu_mars @netznarkose

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Thanks @inthuytion, indeed I put the wrong house number. edited so there’s no confusion.

@ben two questions:

  1. Can one of us get access to the OTS Berlin meetup account in order to announce and share events?
  2. If I opened a new topic “Ruby Co-Learning Berlin”, could we move some part of this discussion there?

You are granted co-organiser rights on the group – which means you can also promote other. Enjoy!

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@inthuytion, @netznarkose, @kiyu_mars could y’all please send me url’s to your meetup profile? Then I can grant you rights to edit the events.

@ mamhoff
good job at the rug:b meeting a nice and eloquent little presentation.

@ all yes, a preperation and “get to know each other better” meeting would be great
i am untill the 23th of dec in berlin.

@ mamhoff netznarkos at

@inthuytion, @kiyu_mars, @mamhoff,

what about another meeting next week before christmas is sucking away our productivity? apart from tuesday every day of the coming week is fine for me…

lg max

Let’s meet on Wednesday 17th, 19:00, at the Fairnopoly office. That way we can go to the OTS Winter party lateron.

cool, i will be there

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Wish I could be there, but out of the country until New Year’s.

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Strange, I have not been notified by email that new messages had arrived, so sorry for my delayed reply.
@mamhoff I will be there on the 17th at Fairnopoly. Thanks for organizing th space.

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Hey guys, remeber to join us after your meetup for the OTS Christmas Party.

Looking forward to celebrate with you all

little protocol from the 17.12.14 meeting

hard facts:

ruby co-learning will take place in a conference room at fairmondo starting january 2015.
all admins know now how to get there kiyu_mars has a key so there shouldn’t be any problems to get in.
at the beginning of every meeting we have a short round of introductions. we ask the participants to act respectful to all patrons (berlin code of conduct) and to our host (equipment, etc.)

about the technique:

  • there is wlan that we can use, kiyu_mars and netznarkose have the password.
  • there is a beamer that we can use.
  • eventually we have to organize some junctionboxes (verteilerdosen) for electrical power supply
  • (did i forgot sth. ?)

to do:

  • mamhoff has to set up the meetup-page and to put the other admins on the admin-list
  • we still need talk or a person who does that for our first meeting.
  • more advertisement for ruby co-learning ???
  • (did i forgot sth. ?)
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Hey everybody, here’s the event for Ruby Co-Learning. It repeats every monday! I used a large part of the invitation text from the Front-end Co-learning group because it works really well for them (I hope that’s ok @xMartin, @bastianalbers, @anaketa).

@netznarkose can you apply to be member of the OTS Berlin meet-up group? Otherwise I can’t make you an organizer, it turns out.

Merry Christmas!

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now it should work

You’re now all coordinators. And: The first session is already almost booked out! Whoah!

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whoop, whoop! :slight_smile:

@mamhoff @kiyu_mars @netznarkose

Hi, today I am getting permanently notifications from meetup about people joining the Ruby Co-Learning (14 times until now). Then I found out that there are 2 Ruby Co-Learning events with different attendees in the calendar timeline. Do you know why? Is it a bug?