Wanting to learn about radio technology

Hi Everyone,

posting this for a friend-- if you have any ideas, please let me know!:slight_smile:

I’m an American artist, writer and sound-maker living in Berlin for some time. I am looking for teachers/tutors in Berlin or nearby to help me learn about radio.

Specifically two things:

  1. About amateur radio/ham radio operation – two-way antique stuff , Morse code and all that!
  2. About practical radio receiver and transmitter building – strictly analog at the moment.

For ham radio operation: I would eventually like to obtain an amateur radio operator license, or perhaps the German equivalent if it makes sense. I have seen among ham radio culture there is a whole subculture of YL’s—Morse code for “young ladies” i.e. female radio operators—and would be really happy to learn from another YL. But also equally happy to learn from an OM (“old man”)! Info re: US operator and licensing: http://goo.gl/VfT7Q9 and http://goo.gl/o99l4k

For radio building: I have very little practical background in science or making at the moment, so I’m looking for recommendations for a tutors/teachers/workshops in Berlin that could start me at a basic level—in other words, elementary school science project type stuff. I’ve done a little audio-hacking in my time but in any case still a beginner.

In exchange I can offer my passion and propensity for the history and philosophy of science, a very creative approach to non-digital electronic communications and you know, some money or other things traditionally considered to have value. Oh yes, and tons and tons of gratitude!

In the meanwhile any straightforward recommendations for reading or contacts also appreciated.

Thanks a lot!