WebAudio API Workshop

Hi everybody,

we are writing a material for create a WebAudio Workshop. The idea came from a short workshop we will host in Sonar (Barcelona) on 12-13-14 June.
The Sonar workshop will be 4hours workhsop but our idea is to write a one day workshop in order to use again this curriculum for further Ots Workshops.

We will meet on Saturday 22th and 29th in Betahaus joining the March of Education.
The idea for now is to follow this repo started from Tiffany Connor https://github.com/theophani/load-sounds and extend till doing something like that:

We found this tutorial that we really like (in particular for the very easy and beginners friendly way how the guy describe stuff) and we would like to follow that:

So If you are a webAudio pro, if you just start with that or even you never try but you are really into that join us on Saturday 22th in Betahaus from 12am to 16pm and let’s code something!! :slight_smile:

Also, we are looking for people in loco that can help us to coach during Sonar, so if you are spanish (living in Spain/Barcelona) or if you know some developers/developers groups in Spain and you are a lady (yes, this time is just woman, sorry ) will be great to have you already on board helping to write the curriculum so is easier later to coach.



I’m writing about the WebAudio API in my thesis at the moment and I’d love to help. Although I’m quite busy writing the final pages of my thesis at the moment I will come to Betahaus on saturday to hack along!

Stuart Memo’s examples are a really good intro to the API! There is also a free eBook about the Web Audio API by Boris Smus: http://chimera.labs.oreilly.com/books/1234000001552/index.html

See you saturday :slight_smile:

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Hey we will be there around 14/14.30
see you later


We started working on this doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UJEQPuRCCmVsWN1LwUzq2T6FPKCiNQdgpOeF45mOFmI/edit?usp=sharing

@anaketa @cntlsn Let’s revive this thread!

There has been a Web Audio workshop at CampJS and the learning material is online: http://mmckegg.github.io/web-audio-school/

I am organizing the Web Audio Berlin user group and there is high demand for a workshop / hackday and I would love to organize it together with OpenTechSchool :smile:

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Hey @Jan! Nice to hear from you again!
Yes please, let’s do it! First of all because i want to be a learner :smile:

Wow, material is awesome! And is already done
So all we need to do is find coaches and space and there we go!!

@cntlsn isn’t in Berlin anymore unfrtunately, but maybe want to come by just for the workshop :wink:

I’m happy to co-organize it with you.
We should also ask to others Frontend Ots peeps if they are interested on it: @xMartin @bastianalbers @Autarc someone interested?
Or know someone potentially interested?

@anaketa I can definitely find a couple of coaches but it would be great to have some OT peeps on board :smile:

A prerequisite for this course is though, that people can already code JavaScript.
Where do you host the workshops nowadays?

Mostly still at our beloved co.up :slight_smile: But dipend from numbers of people and well, of course aviliability of co-up.

Are you thinking on have it on July?

We can do a call for coaches and see hwo many people we can find and then figured out a possibile date

I love co.up :heart: So many OTS memories in that space!

Yes, currently I’m looking at 18th of July or first week of August.

Good idea, I will ask some potential coaches at the Berlin Web Audio Meetup next week http://www.meetup.com/Berlin-Web-Audio-Meetup/events/222688616/ :smile:

Cool you have a meetup! isa pitty i can’t be there but will be at the next one :smile:
Anyway yep I can ask co-up for aviliability, maybe end july/beginning of August is better. Not sire how many people are in town in August thou

Then we can do a call for coaches :slight_smile: Sounds good

So! Co-up has space on 1st of August.
Is that ok? Do you think people will still be in town and willing to follow a workshop? Or they are mor ein summer mood? :smiley:

Hey @Jan, I need to confirm back to co-up. What do you think about 1st August?

Hey, yes the first sounds good :smile:
I’m pretty sure we will be able to accumulate enough people!
Thx for setting it up!

Great! So let’s start to look for coaches then :slight_smile:

Started the hunt for coaches: https://twitter.com/webaudioberlin/status/613990543610257409 :smile:

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And we’re live: http://www.meetup.com/Berlin-Web-Audio-Meetup/events/223649448/