March for Education!

hi Everyone,

i would hope this reaches a global OTS audience but not sure how many people are signed up to this list.

We are planning to dedicate March to creating more learning material for kids workshops but adults could also learn from this material, too!

We were specifically thinking of learning material of programs easier to grasp for kids such as Scratch or Processing-- who is interested to join in? Any global teams interested?

I propose the following meeting times for Berlin:
Saturday, March 8, 12-4pm, Betahaus Cafe

Saturday, March 15, 12-4pm, Co-up 3rd Flr. meeting room

Saturday, March 22, 12-4pm, Betahaus Cafe
Saturday, March 29, 12-4pm, Betahaus Cafe

Alternative dates would be:
Tues. March 11, 7-9pm, Co-up mtg. rm, 5th flr.
Tues. March 18 7-9pm, Co-up mtg. rm, 5th flr.
Tues. March 25 7-9pm, Co-up mtg. rm, 5th flr.

if you would like to contribute in any way-- either helping out with material for
Scratch/Processing or if you know of another technology which kids can easily
pick up and which you would like to contribute to, please get in touch!

By the way, we’re aiming for enough material for 4hr. workshops.

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Awesome. Count me in, I should be able to make most of the Saturday meetings, not so sure about the Tuesday ones though.

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This Saturday we are meeting at co-up, 3rd flr. meeting room-- anyone interested, feel free to join us there!

co-up is at Adalbertstr. 7/8-- to the left and back, across from white mailboxes : )

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btw-- i would throw out there the idea that APril is also a March for Education month , for new adult course material!
for ex, lots of people are asking about a PHP course and im sure there are others, anyway, just a thought : )