1:1 mentorship program - Beta Version

Hi lovely OTS community,

After a high demand for it, we finally manage to make a step forward and offer you a 1:1 mentorship program.

What is that?
The idea behind this is to connect mentor and learner even more and offer a better and whole support.
We notice that many learners struggle with topics that couldn’t be addressed in a couple of minutes during our co-learning, they just require a more personal effort over a longer perriod.
Others, just would like to have better guideline and go over their code with senior developers and learn from the experience of someone that work with these issues since long time.
The 1:1 program it exactly address these issues.
Learners have a chance to get dedicate time for their topic and continue support for their path. Coaches can have a bigger impact and be able to follow a learner’s progress.

How it works?
As the title state, we are still in Beta so please be patient, we will do our best but is possible that something will not work out as best as we are expecting.

Right now we are collecting information from learners and mentors. If we will see we have enough people from both sides, we will search through all the information we have collected and find the best match.
Best match is based on programming languages/topic to learn, available time, language and similar.

After that we will contact both people and exchange their contact. The two parts will have then time to chat and understand if they actually are a good match.

All the sessions will be done in person. Of course you are free to arrange a remote session if the circustance require it but it should be the exception.
We strongly encourage in person mentorship.
Each pair will decided how much time they want to dedicate to it but generally will be between 2 and 6 hours per week.

If for any reason one of the two part need or feel to come to a stop of the mentorship, is free to do it without given any notice period or similar.

Each pair will be supported by a personal OTS member/organizer.
OTS support is a person active in OTS community and will follow the mentorship to support the pair in case of questions or concerns but also to be sure that everything is evolving within our values.
This parent-mentor will mostly not be present during your meeting but it will be always reachable for any issues from both side.

How much it cost?
As all other program we run in OTS, also this one is all free and based on the kindness of our mentors which volunteer their time.
If a learner feel to pay the mentor back in any way, is free to do it.
Each pair can discuss about it and find their own solution but you don’t have to! The program is free and open to everybody willing to learn.
Also a donation to OTS is very welcome :slight_smile:

Willing to join us in this new adventure? Fill in the form here below

If you are willing to join as learner:

If you would like to join as mentor:

If you would like to offer your time as OTS parent-mentor:
ping me directly at giorgia@opentechschool.org


Thanks! That’s a great first step!

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Fun! Is this currently focused on Berlin or is it international?

Also, the question “Which days would work for you?” only accepts one choice.


Uhm @anaketa it looks like the links are the same


Thank you! Links fixed

Thank you for your feedbacks. I fix all checkbox/radiobox :slight_smile:

About your question: so far is just for people in Berlin.
This is because we want to it to be mostly in person

The idea is to do it in Berlin as a starting point. Although this might be working remotely as well we want to focus on local real-world meetings.

We actually also talked about making it part of the program to join Co-Learnings or other OTS events.