April 11th OTS Berlin Organiser Meeting


  • Ben, Martin and Martin


  • Co-Up is okay with us putting one up
  • Schrott-o-mat can even deliver, just need someone to go, pick one out and make delivery happen

Reports of Co-Learning groups

  • Web, Python and Ruby are going well
  • Python reports a good amount of new people also come specifically with Data Engineering in mind, just an interesting trend to observed

Mentoring inside OTS

Martin had a learner asking him whether he could help them outside of the colearning stronger. While he is interested, he is currently unsure how to do that and what rules the OTS would have. This sparked a longer, bigger discussion what OTS Berlin can offer with a longer, stronger commitment. While there are currently stronger, inofficial mentorship relationships the team knows about between coaches and leaners. Discussion between the participants about their own coaching experience and a resulting idea to provide some “official” frame for mentoring.

Proposal for the berlin team to try in a beta form: some form of “marketplace”, probably through discourse, where mentors and mentees can request to find one another. Personal, real world contact between mentors and mentees as well as between mentors, mantees and the organisation is expected. Part of the programme is mentees themselves mentoring/coaching at colearning session and or help organise OTS events. This serves two purposes: on one side it brings the mentee back to other people within the organisation and thus allows for a closer contact and check in by other people than only their mentor, and on the other side allows them to broaden and deepen their knowledge through sharing it again with the broader organisation. To ensure no one burns out or feels a stuck in a mentoring relationship, any part is allowed to call it off at any time.

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@mamhoff: you wanted to paste me a link to the shop!?!

Yep, too late yesterday: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/300x-spind-spinde-garderobenschrank-vintage-kleiderschrank-locker/446343553-87-3472


(Same supplier, the metal wardrobes are in Talstr. 3).

Went there, picked one and paid it. It will be delivered to Co-Up later today. @xMartin, did we already agree (with Co-Up) on where to put it in the space?

Wir sind Spint, Co-Up, 3rd Floor:

And brand new locks, too:

:astonished: :clap::champagne::tada:


Great times ahead :wink: Thank you!

P.S. Now we need OTS stickers to put on it :slight_smile:

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did you agree an a date and a time for the next organizers dinner?
I would like to discuss/invite the following:

Because of the short notice, I did not come last time.
I would have liked to invite more mentors to the OpenTechSummit and spread the word. Could we announce the next meeting already shortly after the last one and link to it? I also think this can be a great entrypoint for people who want to know how to join the OTS with new workshops/meetups, … .

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It should be on May 9th, 7pm … right?

Do people mind if I create the event, so there is a discussion place? Discussing everything in the previous event for the next event is not liked by me so much.

I will do it today

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