Notes from 26/09/2013 (OTS ORganizers before OTS drinks)

Attendance: Gio, Stefan

regular OTS update Stefan met Ola (from Dortmund chapter), she feel detached from Berlin Team, she would like to be more informed about what we do, what we plan to do, feedback from past workshop and have a chance to ask questions about the material. Something more direct than discourse or email.
Propose regular Hangout (one a month?) where someone from Berlin team is available to answer question and discourse with others chapter around the world. It will be also nice to start to collect all the common questions.
Feedback: give a chance to participants to leave feedback during the workshop. Share a google doc links with 2/3 simple field. We will try it on the Html/css workshop.

Html/css workshop We are ready! We are trying to run the workshop on 12th or 19th, depending on who is available to host us.
Gio is in contact with RailsGirl which make a Html/css bit more advanced on 19th in co-up. Let’s see if we can collaborate.

Barcamp Frauen On 19th October. Is a very feminist Conf, not really about tech but they have a “let’s improve our self” section and they asked us to run an Html/css workshop.
We already have a material and seems they fit our values but we defenetly need more info.
Also will be one week end after our Html/css workshop or even the same, so find a coaches will be quite difficult.
We thought to make our workshop there, instead of co-up but we don’t know if males can join the Conf., if is payable and anyway will be short time workshop, not what our community are looking for.
Gio speak more with them.

Proposal: We were just two of us today so maybe can everybody before meetings (6hours before) send a short email like “i can/i can’t come”, so if no one is there we don’t make it ?