Meetings Notes, Organisers meeting 03/13/2014

Notes from 03/13/2014

Attendees: Tim, Ben, Ellen, Haiko, Chiara, Martin, Kai, Tarek, Carol

Job Postings (?)

Do we do Job Postings on our mailing lists? If there is a real specific OTS reason (like being a collaboration project or a specific learning project) maybe, but in general, we are not a Job board.

Education partnership (Rachel)

Postponed. Haiko agrees.

Donations (Danila)

Postponed. [escalated to global]

IT Labs Migration (via Robert)

Today was an external workshop (TU Berlin at HTW), we have one lined up for April.
Migration is going on at full force.
Looking for co-organizers.

OpenMathSpace (Tim)

Doing something Math related. Tim is interested in setting something up but it ain’t sure yet what, Ellen and Carol would be interested in figuring out. They’ll organise a call for coaches and try to setup a date to get together and figure out what to do.

Search and Track of Learning (Carol)

Going further at the drinks.

Git Workshop (Ben)

Action Items:

  • [*] Pick the material: “Social Coding with Git and Github”
  • [ ] @haiko : Post call for coaches
  • [ ] @ellen : post meetup
  • [ ] @ben : Post call and meetup on twitter
  • [ ] @ben : check with rachel, we have the space

Nodejs Workshop (Martin)

Who wants to take a lead here? Haiko would coach. We could use the material.

Advanced JS Workshops (Tarek)

Maybe an applied “how to structure a frontend app” for e.g. with Angular.
how about actually implementing your own part features of frameworks (like two-way-bindings, templating and routing)