Building - Advanced jsFAB workshop


We’re about to build a follow-up jsFAB workshop.
What topics do you think shouldn’t be missed?


Not sure if a general follow-up of the beginners workshop makes sense. Maybe we could cover all topics we think are relevant like

  • diving deeper into scripting web pages with pure JavaScript like we did in JSFaB day 2 with the slide show
  • Ajax
  • talking about libraries (jQuery, underscore, jQuery plugins, backbone)
  • introducing JavaScript on the server

Learners would take home a good understanding of what is out there and with an idea, what they want to do next.

But maybe it would be better to focus on these topics separately. Like Python for beginners doesn’t have a general follow-up but offers web development with Django or science with Bio Python as next steps.

Naturally, we always discuss if we should teach jQuery or not. How about offering a workshop targeting people that know some programming/JavaScript like the participants of JSFaB about “Scripting web pages with jQuery” or something like that? I think many people want that and it does make sense, although personally I don’t like focussing on one product. (Yes, I would include doing animations with jQuery despite the fact there’s CSS transitions…)

Hey, when will there be a beginning jsFAB workshop in Berlin??

Hey guys!
Sorry, i was quite busy.

@xMartin: Thanks a lot for your suggestions! They sound like a good direction to take.

@bettina: There have been 3. I’m not sure, if there is another planed?

I’m also super interested in this topic.
@Bettina no there are no Js planned yet for the future. We made the last on May(i think…)

From my personal experience and for what i can see from the Js follow up jQuery seems something TODO. I know how you think/feel about Martin but i think if we wanna help people to really use and understand js now, we should show them about it :slight_smile:
Many people asked for it and have to deal with jQuery plugin in their project so make totally sense.
Ajax, more or less the same. I mean, i don’t know how many “beginners” deal with it but is something you need to know and you will find on your own after or before.

introducing JavaScript on the server: Sehr interessant!!
And backbone will be awesome but i really think it will be possible just depending how the workshop is structured.

I personally really like: focus on the topic separately.
Or we can do as we are doing for the Css advanced. Give a curriculum with lot of different topic and people can choose which one do and try more than one but i’m not sure it works well here (because topic need more time to understand/try out)

After our Kickoff Meetup, we have coaches who would love to write a node-workshop and are on it.
Also we have someone, who will write a OO-JS workshop and “how to deploy your website” workshop planed.

There will be more. I’ll post it, if I know who is responsible for that. :blush:

If we should make a jQuery workshop is still a good question. It sure will help the beginners and many people work with it from the start. I’m just afraid that they think that jQuery IS pure JS. Guess, it depends totally on the workshop.

oh. I didn’t know you already had a meetup.
I like the topics that you decided :slight_smile:
I will probably join as learner
Anyway about jQuery, still think is a good and real idea. People will not think is pure JS if coaches are gonna explain it.

For which format you decided? One workshop with all that topics or more workshops?

+1 on jquery integration

+1 on AJAX

+1 on node.js

+1 on OO-JS and how to deploy your website

+1 backbone.js + RoR integration for a single-page app

+1 backbone.js + node.js with or without rendr (see

Organize these workshops in Berlin, and I will be there.

@anaketa: there will be several workshops. glad, you like the ideas!
@bettina: loving it!

jQuery is fine :slight_smile: I agree with you.