When is the next "Javascript for beginners" workshop happening?

I just heard that every now and then there are Javascript workshops. When is the next one happening? Maybe on February?


Which place are you talking about? Berlin?

Yes, please.

I don’t know, but my @anaketa or @xMartin have any idea – they are the primary forces behind JS events in Berlin.

@rockatthesight Are you the one that volunteered for co-organizing an upcoming JavaScript for Beginners workshop in Berlin?

We want to have one soon and are looking for help with organizing.

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Correct. It’s me (Darío Peñalver) we met last Wednesday, and we discussed about it. Any news about a date?

I’d love to volunteer and coach again if we are planning another one :slight_smile:


Many people are asking for one on February actually.
I would love to make it happen but honestly i have no time this month for organize it.
We need someone taking care mostly of

  • find location
  • find date
  • organize coaches

Most of the thing are already ready and I’m available for support

@rockatthesight – sooo cool that you’ll be organizing the next JavaScript for beginners workshop! It’s really impressive when someone is new and has so much initiative and energy to make things happen.

SO…when is the next JS for beginners workshop?? :smiley: I’d love to drop by too.