JavaScript for Absolute Beginners in Berlin - November 2014

This is the thread to prepare the JavaScript for Absolute Beginners workshop in October 2014 in Berlin. Yesterday we ran the JsFAB-Workshop at the co.up. The workshop couldn’t offer a place for everybody, who was interested. There was a long waiting list in the meetup-registration and questions, when the next workshop will be. Voilà.
All coaches that were yesterday on site showed general interest to run the workshop in October again.

For the organisation we used the following things, which can be helpful for re-use or reference:

I want to propose a certain date right away: Saturday, 25. October 2014. This seems to me a pretty good date for the following reason:

  • in the coaches feedback round yesterday a preference for saturdays was expressed
  • co-up is available on 11. and 25. in october. (I know we also have other options for venues, but for the first I would go with this)
  • The 25. gives a little more time for preparation.

I’d like to get some general feedback and please raise your arm if you’re up for co-organizing and/or coaching!


October 11 is a bit too early for me. But October 25 seems fine. I could help with coaching and organizing. However it would be great if it works out to have participants of the last workshop to help with both of this. Did you already write an email to the participants from the list that was passed around last time?

I also think we should have a look at the feedback. I added all the offline feedback to the Google Form. @Autarc can you provide a non-editable link to the results here? Since the feedback was anonymous it shouldn’t contain sensitive informations.

Regarding the date, I just want to throw in that on the 25th are both the OTS-organized science hack day and a rails girls beginners workshop. Not sure if that matters, but I felt like pointing that out :slight_smile:

uuh, thanks for the heads up, @ellen. I was just checking, when co-up is available in October. I don’t feel like to decide it right away, but will keep that in mind for the planning of the workshop.

@finnp no, I didn’t write yet. I was hope to get a bit more feedback of coaches here. But I will work with the addresses from the Workshop-Feedback.

Ok, just checked for the co-up availability on saturday oct 25th. There is now an event. That means we have to change either the venue or the time. What you think?

Not sure yet if I’ll be in Berlin then. But if I am, would love to be a coach.

I would prefer moving the workshop to another date, because of the workshops Ellen mentioned. How about beginning of November? I actually wanted to be in Hamburg on November 1, but that would be a possible date. I would prefer November 8 or even 15. What do you think?

Martin mentioned that it would be nice to have a blog post. Maybe we can mention this when writing to the list? Would be quite nice to have an attendee to write that and not an organizer.

Hey @finnp - I agree with you to move the date. I put up a doodle with 3 suggestions and hope to get a bit more feedback:

I think we won’t get much more feedback for the doodle. I don’t have time on November 8th anymore, so that would mean November 15th would be the current preferred date. I think it would make sense to pinpoint it now and continue planning with that date.

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@finnp yes, you are right, i was feeling the same. I will make a last call tonite at the frontend co learning, because some of the regulars there signaled interest back at the last workshop, but didn’t participate in the doodle.
(I updated your doodle entry accordingly)
So, if anybody reads this and hasn’t voted for a date: please go to and do so.

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The Doodle is closed now. The winner is the 15th of November. The location is tbc. Co.up is hosting the creative coding jam on the third floor at this date. More infos will follow.

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Cool, I somehow missed your post. But great that we settled on a date. Anything new about the location? I could ask Wikimedia, but I think they are probably not able to host something this year. Maybe bitcrowd office would be an alternative.

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@finnp ots maintains a list of or companies or institutions that have offered their help with providing a space for workshops. I contacted some of them and waiting for replys. So the venue subject is taken care of.
I noticed, that bitcrowd is not in this list. Are you in contact with them? If they are generally interested, we could add them. We would just need who we can contact with a request. You can send this info with email to me (

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Update: We have the confirmation by ThoughtWorks Werkstatt, that we can run the JavaScript-Workshop on 15th there. The room has a capacity of 30 people total. Since the coaches don’t really need deskspace and chairs, we decided to have a size of 25 participants and up to 10 coaches.

Next steps:

Workshop Material:

• German: Basics (, Slide Show (

• English: Basics (, Slide show (

At the last workshop some glitches in the material were discovered. Does anyone remember? Any takers to fix them?

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Here are the facts about the workshop:

Saturday, 15th November, from 11am to about 3pm at ThoughtWorks Werkstatt Mülhauser Str. 6. Hofgebäude 1. OG 10405 Berlin ( We have the room from 10am to 4pm.

To have an idea, who is coaching, please leave a comment.

The announcement for the workshop it up: I also announced it today at the learners meetup and explained, hopefully understandably, the special possibility to register.

  • I figured, that it is pretty easy to manage the waiting list on meetup manually, so its pretty easy to put the people that applied through the form, onto it.

  • I have set the open for registration timer on meetup to Monday, 4pm.

  • Food and Drinks are not mentioned yet on the announcement, because there is some stuff to sort out, but I think we can inform everybody by mailing this information

  • Any takers on the JavaScript Intro Talk and OTS Introduction?

  • access to the venue is cleared, we might need to bring some stuff (name tag materials) but i will have more on that later.

Hey @staeff great organization! Thanks for it
I was just wondering why we have the room untill 4pm and not more?
I don’t think is enough time to make presentation + tutorial + demo …

hi @anaketa, hi @bastianalbers

its still possible to change the end time. Any suggestions?


We usually do till 6pm

@anaketa Ok, we can stay until 6pm :smile: