WebGL Workshops: OTS goes in Italy!

We are organizing a series of 4 workshops about WebGL in Milan, North Italy.
First date is around 23 May depends from learners responds.
So far the italian team is pretty small and needs our global helps to make OTS Italy possible :smiley:

They are looking for coaches so if you are around that area in these dates you can join them
If you are not but you are passionated about WebGL and willing to help, you can help writig the curriculum or even just review it.
You can just replay to this tread and the organiser will get in contact with you.

Even if we don’t know about WebGL or just don’t have time to help out we can give a big help sharing in the web the events:


We are planning a coach aperitivo in Milan on the 23th to get to know each others
Whoever interested can write here.
If you are intereste to join/help but cannot come on that date, is ok, just let us know and we fill find another solution :smile:

Hi there,
we had the first workshop on Saturday and it was GREAT!!!
Thank you a lot to OpenTechSchool and Giorgia for supporting us.

We are still building the learning materials for the next meetings: once it is ready, it would be great to share it with you all.

thank you!


Hello everybody,
we are going forward with the 3rd workshop… what an amazing experience!

I wish to share with you the learning material: https://github.com/3DWeb-cc/webgl-workshop

It is still in progress, so feel free to collaborate with us! I’d love to get more feedback from OTS worldwide community.

Thank you for supporting us,

Hi Pietro & Alberto,
I really enjoyed the work you have done preparing the workshop.
I have joined the Khronos Group. Do you have a twitter account ?
What is the the best way to remain in contact with you guys ?

Best regards,

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Hello Francesco,

Thank You for your kind feedback, you can stay tuned for future OTS initiative following our official Meetup group at:

Looking forward to see us.