JavaScript for Beginners workshop in Berlin 25.3.2017

Good news! After a very looooong time we’re organizing another JavaScript for Absolute Beginners workshop in Berlin!

Saturday, 25.3.2017, 11:00h-17:00h @ Neue Nachbarschaft Moabit

This is a cultural space where refugees and locals learn together.

We’re going to reserve some seats to people active in the Neue Nachbarschaft community and open the rest to everybody interested. Primary language will be German.

Help organize

There’s so many little things to do. (Mostly no programming skills required.)

Please add a comment here if you’re ready to support us.

Call for Coaches

If you have basic programming knowledge (if you at least worked through the workshop material yourself that already counts) it would be so great of you to come and help the learners.

Please add a comment here to sign up as a coach.

Here’s the material we’re going to use:
Here’s the coaches guidelines:

Thank you!


This really is great news :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

that’s great!
Should we open a new trend as Call for coaches, or here is good?
Do we have any idea of how many learners we could host?

Do we have any idea of how many learners we could host?

We don’t know exactly, yet. I’d expect ~10 people from Neue Nachbarschaft and 20 seats open to the public. @Eddel, what do you think?

Hi all, that’s hard to tell, sorry! I know of at least 6 refugees who defenitely want to attend…and I didn’t even start advertising the event! I would rather “block” 15 seats for refugees at the moment and limit the “free” seats to 15 as well, if that is o.k. with you?! Greets Eddel

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Aww, 50/50, perfect! :slight_smile:

ok so is around 30 learners which means we need around 10 coaches which i would say at least 8 fluent german speakers.

Who’s up for coaching or for helping to organize?

@karlwestin @staeff @Autarc @finnp @finnpauls @balpha @tp42 @mamhoff @meinhard @ben @Ola

I would love to volunteer to coach but it’s JSUnconf weekend :frowning:

Ah, too bad. But you’re on the list for next time now :slight_smile:

I will also be at JSUnconf. Would love to join next time.

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Would be happy to take part, but I’m not in Berlin. Put me in the list for the summer.

I’d also be up for anything you need for this, coaching, organising, whatever, but it’s jsunconf weekend.

Put me on the list for next time. (German is ok too)

Now I wanna go to the unconference, too :slight_smile:

Well, the next workshop will have an amazing team! (This one, too, of course.)

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Hi, how can I sign up for the event as a beginner/learner?

You can find the event here:

please subscribe via google Form :slight_smile:

Sounds great, I’d like to be a coach! Although my German is bad + my coding skills are also bad… it’s hard to know what the combination of the two will be like! Do you still want me?


I will be happy to join as a coach! Great chance to improve my tech german :smiley:

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I bet you’ll have tons of stuff to contribute!

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Count me in for coaching!

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