Community Call #15.4

When the next global call will happen?

@robert hijacking top post

Monday, April 27
7pm CET
Google Hangouts
Current Discourse topics
See full agenda.

Hi Gio,

I’ve been terribly on this one. We said during the call, it should happen once a month, but I won’t be able to make it this one. I was planning on setting one up for the end of next month. But technically, I don’t have to be in it and anyone can set one up for this month, if there is enough interest. However, I’ll get going on setting up for next month…

Probably too late to good organization this month. I think.
But let’s make a fix date every month so nobody spceific need to be there and everybody will already know the date in advance.
What about always the 15th of the month?
We should also state/display/highlight the date somewhere visible and accessible to everybody… Discourse? Google Cal? Facebbok? Maybe we can create a facebook event/group just for this, dunno.

Would be good if you can also share how you set up the call so we van replecate.
for examples, you use hangouts at the end right?
Any problem with the max. number of 10 people?
And what about collect all the username/email in order to call?

I don’t think it’s too late nor that Ben has to organize every single call. I’ll set something up. Let’s not start with the same “do we do it? no we don’t! oh maybe we do” business we had at the Global Review Meeting.

From my understanding we have a 15 person limit to our Hangouts because we’re on Google for Education which, technically, is like Google for Business. If it gets a problem (it didn’t last time, it was 8 attendees from 4 sites) we should appoint delegates; there is an unlimited number of people who can participate through the comments/notes.


If you don’t think is to late, go for it.

Anyway if you guys share the way you have organized last time and how you “set up something” next time we can also do it without need you to be there.

And again, we need a fix place where state that every month(same day) we have the Global Call

So please hold Monday, the 27th, 7pm in your calendars. Proper invite forthcoming, don’t have access to our G+ right now.

I’m just replicating what Ben did as well, no secret magic or hidden cabal involved, so we’re on the same page @anaketa. I’m happy to provide a post with instructions afterwards.


Hey robert if you can write instruction would be great! Thanks!
Should we post on fb/twt? What’s the best way to advise all the chapters about it?

Good question! Last time it was basically the extended Berlin chapter (Ben, Martin, and I) plus the OTSconf organizers (Ola and others from Dortmund.) Arguably, our reach wasn’t too good either.

I have created a Google+ event which we could reshare or something.

Anything for agenda items?

(Update: Event now hosted on Google+ community.)

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ok, if we want to make this work, we need to spam a bit :wink:

I have hijacked @anaketa’s top post to feature a prominent announcement. I also put the newsletter on the agenda for @coderinheels and I propose having a Discourse arena where we have the chance to vocally discuss hot topics from Discourse.

Reminder: This is happening in one hour.

This is the Hangouts link if you didn’t find it on the event:

Thanks everyone for coming to this month’s Community Call! Please find the notes online, with highlights including:

  • Lots of upcoming events and workshops, including in the Alps region
  • @bastianalbers exchanging handshakes for used electronics
  • A journey back into the 90s, where rogue Internet chat rooms were still cool
  • An angry mob kicking @robert out of his meeting room
  • …and @anaketa volunteering to draw funny moustaches for all of us

I’ll start scheduling for the next edition shortly. (And, given the backlog from today’s agenda, we might even want to do this more often than once a month.)