January Workshop in Bibliothek Adalbertstr


i got asked by the nice library people if we’d prefer the 16th or 23rd of January for our CSSclasses workshop there. What do you all think?


23rd - on the last community meetup, we discussed that many people come back late from Christmas holidays.

Turns out I can’t actually make it personally on either of those dates (personal matters require a long trip throughout January).

Unfortunately, I won’t be in Berlin on 16th of January, however 23rd could work for me.

Hi. Is the date already set? 16th is fine for me, 23 rd unfortunately not. The same for @keen

Hey, a little update from my side: unfortunately I won’t be able to attend on either of the dates. :confused:

I can not remember the content of the workshop - will it be about improving the material or applying the learning material? Are there links to meetups?

I postponed this workshop for several reasons, mainly because they needed a confirmation before christmas and we have to give them some kind of flyer, translate and get the laptops ready. As i couldn’t be sure we’ll be through with it in time.