JavaScript for Absolute Beginners in Berlin - November 2014

Hey, I just heard from Bastian Albers that you may need some coaches for the course for next Saturday. Just wanted to say that I would be happy to help out. I do web development with websites that have a lot of JavaScript and do also do a couple of things in paper.js.

Sadly, I won’t be able to help out as a coach anymore. I hope you’re going to be enough coaches.

Hey @Christoph, sounds great. Do you have time to come on wednesday to the Frontend Co-Learning ( There will be an introduction for new coaches and the questions you might have about the workshop could be answered.

Hey @finnp, Thanks for your message. I think we have a good number of coaches, so thats not a problem.

@staeff Sorry, I won’t have time on Wednesday. I can only come on Saturday.

Hey @Christoph - no problem. The coaches meet at 10 am on saturday. We have some the for the introduction and to answer your questions, if you have any.

@staeff See you on Saturday then! :slight_smile: