Looking for Paid Support for Project (Python, XML, Drupal7)


we need support for the following work packages in a project with drupal:

  1. Adaption of python export script:
    An existing python script (programmed for an older project) exports data from the print CMS Prestige to a XML file. This script has to be adapted to the new data structure of a another print magazin. When triggered, the script exports selected articles to the XML file.

  2. Import function für Drupal 7:
    The exported XML file has to imported into Drupal nodes. An existing Drupal module (programmed for the old project mentionend in #1) schould be adapted to the structure of the new XML file. Alternative: Use of an existing 3rd party module like Feed Importer. In this case the task is tho configure the module to import the XML data.

These work packages are for feelancers who will work remote on the project. Package 1 and 2 can be realized by different people. The work must be finished by November, 20 2015. If your are interested please contact us as soon as possible.


Hi Jürgen,

I took the liberty to move this into the jobs board. As per the rules for posting job/work placements, what company is this project for?

Hi Ben,
thanks for moving the topic. We (webtotum) are working as a subcontractor on this project and need support due to short ressources.

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