Meeting with Government Initiative vom The Hague

@bastianalbers and I met with representatives from the The Hague city marketing folks last week on Monday. They invited us for lunch and asked us how to create things like a vibrant tech scene in their city, and how OTS works.

We told them how we work and what formats we offer, and what the challenges are for us: Co-Learnings and Workshops with a code of conduct and voluntary coaches. The big thing needed in our view to facilitate meetups are twofold: Space and a good community organizer that takes care of the space. In Berlin, this has been Co-Up, and of course the meetup organizers, but that could be organized differently.

The big takeaway for us has been that other city governments see initiatives like us as a locational advantage, and that many city governments would be happy to sponsor stuff.

We also got two nice books about The Hague’s growing digital infrastructure and strategy. Anyone interested? :slight_smile:

@bastianalbers do you remember more things?

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