TOA HTML / CSS workshop - RailsGirl&OTS

Hey there, sorry I have a little mess here. Thought the skype-time was 7pm (no idea where that came from) and now i cannot log into skype. Hope i will get i fixed. I am stephon.k on skype

Summary of the Skype Conversation:

Regine will give a short introduction about the schedule for the day and about herself.

Introduction: Why is html important, install text-editor (coaches stay alert), what does a browser do when it gets in contact with HTML/CSS, move over to the DOM - easy as in html-tag, head, body. head: title, charset und how to link in css, meta-tags. body: easy first hands-on and exercise: write a p, insert a picture, a link, then move over to css, give colors to p/link.

Then the coaches will have time to introduce themselves and their expertise.

Then split into interest groups and time-slots (each about 30-45 minutes), in between the slots short group-summaries. Take care to have the timeslots building on top of each other regarding basic/advanced knowledge, so participants can build on the slots.

We created a list of topics that might be covered during the workshops here:

You can edit the file. The initials stand for the person who is in charge of thinking about a basic curriculum we can use during the workshop. If you create(d) a curriculum for this topic, please add a link to it in that sheet.

Sabine will send attendees instructions to install an Sublime as an editor. Attendees who are unable to install it, shall come 15min earlier to get help installing it.

We could create a nice basic layout like to give attendees a goal for the workshop.

Sabine will be at Ahoy around 1pm, most coaches aim to be there around 1:30. In general, coaches should be there around 1:50 latest.

Full Skype conversation can be found here:

IMPORTANT Info: I just checked with Ahoy. The space is booked again for 7pm, so we have to finish on time!

QUESTION: Should we go for drinks afterwards? Does anyone know a place in that area? I am so not familiar with Charlottenburg.

I don’t know any place but I think it’s a great idea to go for a drink afterwards.

Hmm, I planned to go to the TOA closing party ( Did anyone else register for that? Free community tickets are gone, but there are still Tickets for TOA-Attendees. Maybe can someone can work something out, since the Workshop is a TOA sattelite event?

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Hi Staeff, I can ask Kerstin, if we can have extra tickets for the closing party. Is there anyone else who wants to join?

Looks as if I might be able to make it, too. Do you think you could need my help as a coach? Closing party would also be interesting.

Sorry folks, but I’am not feeling well the last days and probably won’t make it till tomorrow. Hope you still got enough coaches to support the attendees. Next time I will be there…

Hi again,

fortunately I can make it in time tomorrow but will not be able to stay longer for any parties. I need to reach my train to Leipzig.

See you tomorrow!

I already have a ticket and plan on being at the closing party, too. And I’ll be on time as a coach, too. Looking forward!

:frowning: shade! get well soon :sunny:

@xMartin i don’t have an overview how many have registered, but i think your support would be very helpful

@ sabine i also already have my ticket for the closing party. i just wanted to mention it, because it would be a nice fit to go there. and i’m afraid not everybody on the workshop has a ticket.

@autarc get better soon!

Hey, there will be approx 26 attendees, so I think we will be fine.

I didn’t get a reply from Kerstin about tickets for the closing party. I guess she is really busy, but I got a ticket and probably won’t go there, because I have a visitor. So I could give mine away I guess?!

So looking forward to seeing you all later! Let’s rock this workshop! :slight_smile:

Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you to all of you again. Thanks for your engagement and patience as well. I am hoping we can do more workshops together in the future. The Rails Girls attendees obviously are hungry for it. Let me know what your plans are in the future or how I can help you with it.

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Attendee Feedback
(I will send a questionaire around although it’s already a bit late. What information do you want to include in that last email to the attendees?)

Liebe Sabine,

vielen Dank nochmal für die Möglichkeit, dass ich am Freitag HTML lernen durfte! Ich fand den Kurs echt gut. Vielleicht noch ein kurzes Feedback zu der Gestaltung des Kurses:

  • am meisten hat mir die Kleingruppenarbeit weitergeholfen, wo individuell auf Fragen und Probleme eingegangen werden konnte
  • vielleicht kann man beim nächsten mal interaktiver arbeiten - derjenige, der die Präsentation hält, könnte zum Beispiel mit dem Beamer/Laptop gleich zeigen, welche Befehle man eingibt und welche Ergebnisse sich dadurch zeigen lassen (dann kann man das persönlich auch am PC nachmachen, hat aber eine zentrale Zulaufstelle der Konzentration)
  • mir hat eine generelle Einführung von HTML gefehlt - warum sollte man Programmierung lernen, wann hat es angefangen, was sind nächste Schritte, was kann ich von dem Kurs erwarten (nur ca. 10-15 Minuten).
  • Vielleicht kann man am Ende Tipps geben, wie und wo man weiterlernen kann :slight_smile:

Im Anhang findest Du einen Screenshot von der Seite, die ich gebaut habe (zugegeben hatte ich schon ein paar Vorkenntnisse, aber nicht viele)…

LG und ich freu

I sent them a link to a feedback form though it might take some time until we get some feedback from them and since some time has passed, only few might answer. However, it might be helpful for future workshops.

See the results here:

Ehy thank you so much for the feedback Sabine!
Even if they aren’t so much, is really helpful to know what people thing

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Hello everybody!!
it as been some times from our last collaboration workshop, I hope you are all well and willing to spread some Html/css love again! :slight_smile: because we are organizing another Html/css and Ruby workshop in collaboration with RailsGirls for middle of march and looking for coaches!
Here all the details:

I hope to see many of you there again :smile:
(Replay to that post if you are interested)

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