VBA Berlin?

I am interested in giving a few coaching sessions in VBA for Access or Excel. However I realise it’s not as simple as me giving a few coaching sessions.

Are there any other VBA experts who would like to work with me doing the coaching?

Are there any people who would like to learn VBA in Access or Excel?

Note: I have worked with VBA Access/Excel in 10 different jobs since 1998.

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f you organized a workshop (for Excel), I’d be interested in attending as student, and would let my colleagues know about it :slight_smile:

Well I would like to.

However, there should be more than one person hosting it, for all those “what if” scenarios.

And there needs a location.

So if these issues are resolved I’d be happy to teach a course or do a workshop, or whatever.

I am kinda interested…@matthewbaynham, did you find any other co-coaches?

Not yet.


I would like to contribute to VBA workshop (coaching and helping to write the Learning Material). Do you already have some stuff?

I would prefer EXCEL to ACCESS, as, in my opionion, it is more accecible to beginners and I find it harder to come up with a simple project in ACCESS than one in EXCEL.

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As Chiara, my team and I would be very interested to attend such workshops. Did you already have time to meet and prepare some materials :blush:

Thanks a loot