Co-Up has a new Key Policy for the meetups

Hello Everyone,

Please see the attached email from Aleks about the new key policy and upcoming meetups at co-up


From: Aleks at co.up

I’m very sorry for the last-minute change, but because of the break-ins & police business, we have to cancel both of the OTS meetups tonight. I’m sorry for the disappointment/inconvenience.

Additionally, we will no longer have many extra sets of keys floating around. I know this is an inconvenience, but after these past few weeks of trouble, unfortunately we need to be more strict. This means someone will have to come by the space during my office hours on the day of the meetup to pick up the keys, & bring them back the next day along with the money for the drinks (bills & 1eur/2eur coins). I would also like us all to finally get into the rhythm of UG organisers simply coming by rather than having to remind/chase after people via email.

Please do me the favour of passing on this information to other OTS meetup organisers, & let me know if something is unclear. Thanks in advance for your understanding…

MfG/Kind regards,


Community manager

Office hours: M-F 10:00-14:00

/cc @TeamBerlin

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Oh noes :frowning: :frowning:

Would there be a possibility to leave the drink money in our own locked cupboard?

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I just talked to Aleks, and it seems Mike it would be possible for us to get a set of keys for the OTS co-learnings. It would be one set of keys that can only be given to a select, predefined group of organizers.

Off the to of my head, I would think of the following people as part of that group:

Python: @chiara , @ben, Andreas Hug, Daniel
Ruby: Max, @mamhoff
Frontend: @anaketa, @bastianalbers, @xMartin

I think this is good news. Would you all be fine with key guardianing?


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Thank you for thinking of me, but I’d rather not be given keys <3

thanks @mamhoff for organise this, this is an awesome news!
About Frontend @bastianalbers might not be the best name to give since currently he is very busy and cannot join th co-learning (tell me if something has change and i’m wrong Bastian, we are always happy to have you back :slight_smile: )
I guess a good person might be @Autarc (even if he is now in looong trip), what do you think @xMartin?

Yeah, and I have also been thinking that I might have forgot the Learner’s meetup. @nicolai, @starkcoffee - would you take key responsibility from time to time?


Hi Aleks,

this is the list of people that can be given the OTS set of keys:

Ben Kampmann
Giorgia Sambrotta
Andreas Hug
Daniel Rios
Maximilian Maintz
Bastian Albers
Martin Stadler
Nicolai von Neudeck
Duana Stanley

No-one else can have this set of keys, unless this list is amended.



Right now I have the keys. One of you can get them if needed.

This list is now maintained here: Co.Up keys

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