Html/Css with RailsGirls - 15/16March University Edition

hi all, I have to travel to Hamburg for an interview on Monday, so won’t be able to make it anymore :confused:

I just checked my schedules and this would be possible if you need help.

@mori yes!! We totally still need coaches so good to have you on board! :slight_smile:
Can you come on Monday for the coaches meeting? (see above)

Sounds good, see you there :smile:

Hi there,

I was meetup yesterday and heard about the event and I’d also like to join as a coach on the html/css workshop.
What do you think about it?


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Hi @Mathias, I think is awesome! We still need coaches.
We will meet on Monday 3th March on co-up to have a coaches meeting, can you join us?

Hi @anaketa,

I cannot yet say as I may take Monday off and will be back in Berlin on Tuesday.
But if I will not take Monday off, I’ll be at the meeting.

I’ll let you know as soon as I made a decision.

Ok perfect anyway we will share the meeting notes from the meeting with everybody.
Did you already coached for an Ots workshop?

I did not yet teach at OTS but I have some training experience from my work at AIESEC.
(And I had to teach those basics to colleague of mine once - who was pure backend-developer and did no nothing about the web-tech-stack.)
Is there anything I can do to prepare myself?

don’t worry that will be pretty fine :slight_smile: I was just asking because we will most explain what mean be coach for Ots so if you already have done one of our workshop, you probably already know this stuff :slight_smile:

Anyway for prepare youself you can read the material

Small reminder: We meet today at 8pm at co.up 5th floor in the meeting room for discuss details about the Html/css workshop
See you all there :smiley:

@mamhoff @Alex @Mathias @Autarc @mori @bastianalbers

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how do get there? if adalbertstr 8 is correct, how to get in? the main gates are closed?
thank you in advance

Adalberstrsasse is correct . There are two gates, one is close I guess at n°7/8 so try at n°6
The gate should be open, go into the courtyard, and then there is a building, there at 5th floor.
Is very difficult to explain so if you need you can call me: 0152 08141291

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thank you. i’ll call (the number that’ll call you then is 017621003139) when i’m there again… should take 5-10 min. i’m sorry for the hassle!

Thank you everybody for the nice meeting!
Here the notes also for who couldn’t come:

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Couldn’t make it on Monday - do you still need coaches?

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Hi kaj! Yes always need coaches!
The material is still the same, are you in? :slight_smile:

Hey guys, we still need someone that go to Html5BUG to give a 5min intro and call for coaches!

Who is free/already go on Monday evening?

Great, count me in. I should be able to make it on Monday - if you trust me that is :wink:

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Great Kaj! that’s awesome.
Hey @rachel, Kaj is probably our valuable ots coaches that will popup at HTML5 meetup for announce our html/css workshop
If you have any info or instruction for him, now you are in contact :slight_smile:

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