Web Development Co-Learning/Coaching at Seats2Meet Boulevard Berlin during Gründerwoche in November?

Seats2Meet.com offers free co working in exchange for knowledge. The the location in Berlin-Steglitz is organizing some events for people interested in starting their own business during the Gründerwoche from November 17 -23 (which also have to be free of charge according to the Gründerwochen rules).

I am planning to offer co-learning or coaching for people who want help with their homepage (html, css, WordPress, whatever will come up) on two afternoons, Monday 17 and Wednesday 19. Anybody interested in joining or offering this on some other days during that week? Can we make this an official OTS event?

Hi @ulrike I already read about Seats2Meet in another post by you here and it sounds very interesting to me, but I never went there, since its a bit far away for me.
But what you suggest would be a good occasion for me to go there. So I am interested in joining you on at least one of the two afternoons. I am pretty sure about Monday and Wednesday might be possible too.

@staeff: cool :slight_smile: